Following your dreams? (Part 1) 

Have you always wanted to become a doctor, an artist, a surfer or a standup comedian or anything at all, but haven’t had the courage to pursue that beautiful dream you have whenever you close your eyes? Well wait no more you need to wake up and start living those dreams. Get up everyday with a mindset of following those beautiful dreams.  

You are the boss of you. It is only your actions for yourself that can bring you true happiness so strive every day even if it’s just 10 minutes, to start building the road to bliss. Besides if we don’t take challenges in our lives we won’t find life exciting, it would become very boring and dull.

So my fellow Homo sapiens, please, please, please, do yourself & humanity a favor by just being you. 
Let me know if you enjoyed it, would you like a part 2? 


8 thoughts on “Following your dreams? (Part 1) 

  1. You are absolutely right!! Positive mindset is what brings dreams into reality. Meditation helps to find the road to take.
    I loved this post and please write part 2 and 3 and more. Thanks


  2. This is so very true – for years I’ve been wishing myself to draw regularly again (2 decades without drawing except VERY rarely). I started taking part in #DrawingAugust on Twitter, to make some kind of drawing every day and post. I promised myself at least 5 to 10 mins every day, sm now halfway through the challenge and much happier for it – however small an achievement it would seem to many people… and yes I would like a Part 2 too please 🙂 and thank you 🙂

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